About the Principal

The firm’s principal architect, Pankaj Vaid, has over 25 years of experience practicing Architecture, Interiors and Urban design. After graduating from Chandigarh College of Architecture he worked for a couple of years with, Architects Associated, a firm established in New Delhi in mid 1950’s. For specializations and international exposure in the profession he pursued his Master of Science in Urban Design at Pratt Institute, New York. Upon its completion in 1993, he joined an internationally renowned firm Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects (EEKA) New York, currently a Perkins Eastman company. He earned his Architectural registration in the State of New York in 1997, and the same year became an Associate at EEKA. Working in varying capacities as Job captain, Project Architect and Project Manager, amongst other positions, he executed projects from program analysis, and carrying them through all phases of design and construction. In addition to his architectural and interior experience in Courthouses, Retail, Art & Cultural facilities, he has extensive master planning experience for a variety of projects such as extension of Ho-Chi-Minh city in Vietnam, Waterfront development for Inner & outer Harbor, Buffalo, NY, Yonkers Waterfront, New York. In 2001 he moved back to New Delhi to fulfill his goal to practice in his hometown. Apart from his professional practice he has been a visiting faculty member of “School of Planning & Architecture”, New Delhi, where he was taking the third semester Site Planning Design Studio.

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